We can cater to almost any residential concrete work of any size. From driveway expansion cuts, home interior fittings and adjustments through to decorative and/or tile patterns in driveways and outdoor living areas – nothing is too small. Talk to us today about your next residential project.


We’ve worked extensively within a wide range of various industries right across the board. From removing 4.5 meters from Anglesea St Wall in 1990 to investigational drilling at the Arapuni hydro dam (see images below).

We specialise in everything with regards to:

  • Demolition & removal
  • Renovation and restoration
  • Fit-outs & alterations



Wire saws are designed to cut almost any shape and thickness of concrete to almost any depth for the purposes of:

  • Removal of 50+ tonne concrete plinths
  • Door openings
  • Demolition
  • Archways and other archictectural configurations
  • Ciruclar holes

Concrete sawing is fast, efficient and surprisingly quiet.




Our concrete drilling services are used in a variety of applications –

  • Adding services i.e toilets / showers / electrical cabling for both residential & commercial applications.
  • Splitting & removal of concrete in confined areas
  • Air conditioning & ventilation ducting

We can drill concrete from 6 millimeters right through to 2.5+ meters in diameter and have the capabilities to drill to depths up to 20+ meters.